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With TweetArchitect (tm)

Speed Up The Way You Write Quality Tweets

TweetArchitect (tm) Solves The #1 Twitter Marketing Problem

  • How To Get Followers?

    The amount of followers you have
    is not important.
    The quality of your followers is!

    In order to gain loyal and paying customers and followers, you need to write and publish quality tweets. And you need tons of them.

  • What Makes People Click?

    You need to deliver quality content tweets that will interrupt your audience.

    To have people click on your links, deliver only half of the information in your tweet. This is also known as the Zeigarnik effect. It is the #1 most success strategy used in advertising.

  • The #1 Key To Twitter Success

    It is so simple and so overlooked:
    The #1 Key To Twitter Success lies in top quality tweet content.

    And you need tons of good quality tweets. Not just a few dozen or even just a few hundreds, you need thousands of high quality tweets!

How TweetArchitect (tm) Helps You To
Create Tons Of Quality Tweets Fast!

  • Create Top Quality Content Fast - Offline!

    In order to write high quality impact tweet content you have to write tweets offline and away from any distractions. You rarely create a massive archive of effective tweet content if you only try to “respond” and “answer” other tweets.

    TweetArchitect will help you to product your most important tool for Twitter: quality tweets. And with TweetArchitect you can do so, effectively and superfast.

  • Make Every Tweet and Link Unique!

    You need tons and thousands of quality tweets to broadcast. The most important part is to make every tweet unique.

    Twitter hates repeatedly sent tweets from the very same account and if you are using always the same weblinks they will even “mute” you out of their search if they think you are just spamming the system.

    With TweetArchitect every tweet will be unique and every URL that you use will have a different value, so no problems with “duplication” tweets.

  • Instant Tweet Check

    Even you will write thousands of tweets with TweetArchitect we have a fast way to let you check all the “resulting tweets” that come out of your Tweet spinning. While a lot of twitter automation software allows you use “tweet spinning”, you never know if your tweets are too long and if something might cut off.

    TweetArchitect helps you to check thousands of tweets in a quick way and you will have peace of mind that everything will be delivered correctly to your audience.

Works With Any Tweet Automation System

Since TweetArchitect (tm) helps you to focus to produce quality content it enables you to decide for yourself how you want to automate that content. You can upload your tweets into Socialoomph or HootSuite or any other social media software. Watch our Tutorial for tips and tricks!

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